Disposable Mask

• Extra-long, enclosed aluminum nose piece forms a strong seal for maximum protection.
• Spunbond outer layer material for maximum protection against fluids.
• Facial tissue outer layer is ultrasoft odorless.
• Vapor barrier uniquely placed on outside layer to prevent fogging.
• Fog Free / No-Fog strip blocks and absorbs moisture, forms a strong seal to prevent fogging, cushions nose ridge.
• Secure Loop ear loops are soft, strong, fit comfortably, and attached to outside of mask to eliminate irritation
• Soft-Bond ultrasonic’s ensures strongest construction, eliminating holes and defects.
• Highest quality filter media for best ASTM rating, filtration value and breathability.
• Tissue inner layer is made of white, soft facial tissue.
• Spunbond inner layer made of white, fluid-resistant material.
• Attached wrap – around face shield is optically clear and distortion- Disposable Mask

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