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What is the difference between a two piece & a three piece syringe?

A three piece syringe consist of three parts namely – plunger, barrel & gasket, while a two piece syringe consist of only plunger and barrel.


How Sterilization of Syringe in a Ribbon packing is done?

Sterilization of a Syringe in a Ribbon packing is done by passing Ethylene Oxide gas through perforation in the plastic film through the paper ribbon in the packing.

  • The serrations of the film allow E.O. gas to pass through the controlled porosity paper ribbon to permit sterilization.
  • Plastic film covers the paper ribbon for protection and improving puncture resistance.
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What is the difference between Luer Slip and Luer Lock Syringes?

Luer Mount (LM) or Luer Slip Syringes are Syringes which permit needle fixation on to Push fit slip tip attachment, while Luer Lock (LL) Syringes are Syringes which permit more secure fixation with Screw on Locking Collar on a Luer Tip. Luer Tip indicates a 6% Taper and is the universally accepted standard for fitment of connectors medical application for ensuring minimal chances of leakages.


What is the material used for making the Syringe Gasket?

The Gasket is made of Medical Grade Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)/Thermo Plastic Rubber which has been validated as per ISO : 7886/IS10258 for compatibility with wide range of solvents used in medication.

What is HiTech Group’s delivery schedule?

Delivery usually takes within 1-2 week after receipt of confirmed FCL order. Specific delivery can be commenced only on receipt of quantity wise query.

What is the price offered by HiTech?

We would be happy to assist you for any requirement.

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How are Auto-Disable (AD) syringes different?

Auto-Disable (AD) syringes can not be reused. The have a built in mechanism to prevent reuse by the breakage or locking down of plunger and its movement thus rendering the syringe non-usable for second use.

Which syringes have the lowest risk of re-use?

Auto-Disable (AD) Syringes can not be reused.

What can be used to clean the injection site?

Alcohol, Soap & water or just water can be used for cleansing the injection site.

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