At HiTech, we have always strived to create a product where health is our sole concern. The design and manufacture of HiTech’s products are a result of the continuous evolution of brilliant drug delivery systems.  HiTech products also have one of the lowest material consumption in manufacturing resulting into lesser waste generation and making the earth more green.

If using HiTech syringes or needles you can be assured that you have been delivered one of the best medical products produced in the world.

Single Use Syringes

Hi-Tech Single Use Syringes employ some of the most advanced and sophisticated manufacturing processes. The 3 Part Syringe contains the gasket preventing any back flow of medication and is manufactured as per IS-10258 (2002) / ISO-7886-1 (1993).


Some of Hi-Tech’s Single Use Syringes features:

  • Available from 1ml to 50ml.
  • Transparent barrel with clear marked graduation lines.
  • Medical Grade gasket.
  • Packing in both Ribbon and Blister form.
  • Sterilized using E.O. Gas.

Single Use Needles

Hi-Tech’s Single Use Needles are made from special grade stainless steel using the most advanced and sophisticated ultrasonic technique with three facet points to minimize the pain such that the user doesn’t feel the needle penetrating the skin thus making one of the best needles in the international market.

Hi-Tech Single Use Needles are available from 16G to 26G.

  • Gauges are easily identified by the ISO – 6009 (1992) colour coding scheme used on the needle hub.
  • All the Single Use Needles are available in Blister Pack and sterilized using Ethylene Oxide gas.
  • All the materials used in manufacturing of Hi-Tech Single Use Needles are strictly medical grade and non-reactive to the majority of medication.


Insulin Syringes

Hi-Tech became the first company in India to introduce the super fine 30G needle in it’s Insulin Syringes thus bringing the delivery of insulin medication to a new painless application.


AD Syringes


Auto-Disable Syringes

Hi-Tech Syringes introduces  our patented Auto-Disable Syringe as per ISO : 7886-3 & ISO 7886-4.

It is available in 0.5ml and 2ml  (w/wo needle)


Quality Needle : Sharp with 3 facet technology with smooth penetration having minimum pain.

Barrel : Highly transparent barrel with bold and precise scale having minimum dead space to prevent loss of medicine.

Plunger : Our advance featured plunger fitted with a medical grade gasket breaks immediately after dose completion. It breaks easily to avoid any re-use.

Hub : Semi transparent needle hub as per ISO coding to easily identify the size of needle.

Disposable Mask

• Extra-long, enclosed aluminum nose piece forms a strong seal for maximum
• Spunbond outer layer material for maximum protection against fluids.
• Facial tissue outer layer is ultrasoft odorless.
• Vapor barrier uniquely placed on outside layer to prevent fogging.
• Fog Free / No-Fog strip blocks and absorbs moisture, forms a strong seal to
prevent fogging, cushions nose ridge.
• Secure Loop ear loops are soft, strong, fit comfortably, and attached to outside of
mask to eliminate irritation
• Soft-Bond ultrasonic’s ensures strongest construction, eliminating holes and
• Highest quality filter media for best ASTM rating, filtration value and breathability.
• Tissue inner layer is made of white, soft facial tissue.
• Spunbond inner layer made of white, fluid-resistant material.
• Attached wrap – around face shield is optically clear and distortion- Disposable

Mask 2Mask 1

Disposable Cap
• Especially designed to protect against dropping of hair and dandruff.
• Specially designed pro-cap is suitable both for male and female users.
• Manufactured from soft non woven green/blue cloth.
• Provided with stitched interlocking adaptable elastic for better grip on the forehead and comfortable fitting.

Pro Cap